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There were no aquatic dinosaurs, there were Mosasaurs, Plesiosaurs, and Pliosaurs (plus a couple smaller groups) none of which were part of Dinosauria.The dolphin skeleton is very different from the emu skeleton.

Variations to the plan are just adaptations to different environments. The commonality is due to having a common ancestor in the Cambrian about 500 million years ago Thanks for the reply, but if I may say so you’re being a bit picky: a. Originally Posted by One beer So, from what you say, am I right in thinking that all animals with internal skeletons were/are derived from the same basic skeletal form?If so, I find that very interesting indeed. All are different from the ray/skate skeletons.

Paleoichneum did not trash you.In fact, s/he never mentioned you at all.If you feel personally insulted by someone correcting your posts, then you are going to have a hard time on a discussion forum. Mammals are modified versions of therapsid skeletons, which are modified versions of amphibian skeletons, etcI think one of major things to do is start thinking of us as modified fish, and not of everything else as modified humans. Originally Posted by One beer Ok, fair enough. (suite…)

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